Immigration to Canada

Photo of a female nurse with Canadian city in background

Canada is a preferred destination for hundreds of foreign nurses and allied health professionals every year!

A Work Permit is required for foreign nurses or allied health professionals to work in Canada. Please click here for a free Assessment Form to see if you are eligible.

There are two options available for foreign workers to come to Canada to work:
  • Temporary Work Permits
  • Landed Immigrant / Permanent Resident


Temporary Work Permits

In order to work in Canada, foreign workers must have a valid work permit. The following steps must be followed before a work permit can be applied for by a foreign worker:
  • A job offer from an employer must be issued.
  • Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) must provide a labour market opinion (LMO) or "confirmation" of your job offer.
  • After HRSDC confirms that a foreign national may fill the job, you apply to Citizenship & Immigration Canada for a work permit. This confirmation does not guarantee your entry into Canada. You must meet all immigration requirements. In some cases, a medical examination may be required.
There are specific conditions placed on a work permit. These may include things like the type of employment and employer, and/or the location and length you are allowed to work. Work permits can be renewed through the federal government's processing centre in Vegreville, Alberta. Renewal of a work permit will require a new LMO from HRSDC.

When in Canada on a work permit, you can apply for permanent residency. Your application must be submitted outside the country (ie: at a visa office in a city across the Canada/US border, or at an office in your country of citizenship).

Landed Immigrant / Permanent Resident

If you want to come and live in Canada as a permanent resident without a work permit, but based on your work skills or experience, see if you qualify for the Skilled Worker Program. This process can take considerable time.

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