Employer Services


Your vacancies need immediate attention - it's integral to the work you do. At Borders Beyond, we understand healthcare recruitment.

Our goal is the successful recruitment of qualified, skilled healthcare professionals that meet your expectations 100 percent of the time.

Our Advertising and Job Posting services pool direct recruitment efforts with an online presence that incorporates multiple recognizable brands and over ten years of recruitment experience


Advertising Services

Borders Beyond utilizes direct recruitment and network branding to get your job in front of qualified, skilled healthcare professionals. Our E-newsletters, Online Presence, and unique networking will ensure that your banner ads and Featured Employer advertising gets seen where it needs to!

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Job Posting Services

Posting a position with Borders Beyond combined with professional membership services for job seekers and unique network branding puts your job postings where they need to be. Job Posting packages that are affordable and effective puts you ahead of the rest in recruitment results.

Your healthcare job posting will be posted on Borders Beyond for 30 days. Candidates who are members of Borders Beyond may apply to your posting directly for your consideration and review.

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Volunteer-based positions

Volunteer-based positions can be posted to Borders Beyond free of charge. Find out more.


Direct Recruitment Services

For hard to fill positions, Borders Beyond will directly recruit for positions utilizing your hiring criteria. We will send you qualified candidates that fill the requirements you require, facilitate telephone and liaison between you and the successful candidate. You pay nothing until a job offer is made.

Please call us at 1-866-355-8355 to discuss your recruitment needs with a client representative.


Human Resource Services

Human Resources in the healthcare sector is involved and in-depth. Borders Beyond's services in Human Resources are highly accountable and best-practice based. Outsourcing human resource tasks allow you to control costs, manage time spent on human resource activities maintaining consistent results.

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